MBF monoblock is the combination of rinser, filler, corker and/or screw capper in a single machine.

Each machine of the monoblock can be fitted on a single frame or on an independent modular frame: this kind of solution offers our customers maximum flexibility.

The monoblock can be supplied with stainless steel base with inclined surfaces to improve cleanliness, and it is equipped with totally transparent safety covers which provide easy vision and access to all machine sections.

The monoblock technology is designed to provide an outstanding processing versatility with any bottle and cap format. The format change is performed through the control of the servo motorised screws or, alternatively, by means of the tine transfer system and the automatic universal stars patented by MBF. Further distinctive features of MBF: error-free processing thanks to the automatic setup of each format, user-friendliness and minimised maintenance for the whole monoblock.

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