1.800 – 3.000 bph


Miniblock is a monobloc machine consisting of a Rinser, Filler and Capper and / or Capper, intended for oenological productions whose flow rates do not exceed 3,000 b / h. This new machine proudly boasts the advanced technology that characterizes the entire MBF range.

To offer a solution to wineries and producers with low or medium annual production levels, MBF has created a compact and high-performance machine, which combines great ease of use and minimum maintenance.


Thanks to this solution, wineries and producers now have a compact system that offers optimal protection of their product. With the Miniblock, in fact, there is a particular attention to controlling dissolved oxygen, limiting the increase of oxygen throughout the bottling process, thanks to the injection of inert gas into the bottle before filling. As for the closing phase, the Miniblock can be equipped with corker and/or with capper (standard screw cap or Stelvin Lux) Different bottle formats can be processed using standard or variable geometry stars, ensuring quick and easy format change.

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