ICÔNE barrels


ICÔNE barrels range: The very best of oak, for specific solutions

Elegance is intended for high-end red wines, giving rich, rounded flavor and consistency of aromatics.

For Burgundy-style red wines, the Finesse barrel contributes to a supple and silky mouthfeel. For barrel-fermented white wines, Blanc respects varietal characteristics while adding volume and length.

The Low Aroma barrel discretely provides olfactory complexity and gentle oak profile. The Elevation barrel gives an ample and expressive oak profile; it lends strength and power while remaining well-balanced. Synergie completes the ICÔNE range—the oak profile imparted is fruity, balanced and round—with the best of both American and French oak.

Barrels of the utmost consistency and quality, precisely targeted to particular types of oak aging and to specific and reproducible results.